A (Very) Brief Update

I’ve been gone from the blog since mid-February. I’m not entirely sure what all of my reasons for that are, but it is what it is. I have been busy with work and a few other things. (I went to Jamaica, for example.) But suffice it to say, I’ve been more than a bit remiss in my blogging.

I’m not entirely sure how to fill in the gaps. My knitting life hasn’t been terribly productive of late. I have been knitting, but I don’t have much to show off at the moment.

The only thing that I can really show off at the moment is my recently published pattern Oliver. Oliver, which I published in late February, is the final piece of my Swan Thieves collection. I’m pretty proud of Oliver, and I really like the pattern. In fact, I like it so much that I knitted it twice. I’m only posting pictures of the second time at the moment, but I might actually get around to showing off the first one (which I actually finished in early January) at some point. Photo on 4-5-14 at 5.24 PM Photo on 4-5-14 at 5.25 PM Photo on 4-5-14 at 5.25 PM #2I’m hoping to resume blogging with more regularity at some point in the not-too-distant future. But for now, I’ll say that I’m busy but happy at the moment.


FO: Suncrest Shawl

While the Winter Olympics have been playing out in Sochi, Russia, I have been participating in the Ravellenic Games-the knitting/crocheting/spinning equivalent of the sporting games.

This year, I only competed for one team and only worked on one project. (I’ve done more in other years, but this year, I chose to be realistic.) My project was Tanis Lavalee’s Suncrest Shawl, and I knit it up using a skein of Tanis’s red label silk/wool/cashmere blend from a One of a Kind Update in her Etsy shop back on Boxing Day. The color was (rightfully) named sugarplum. The finished result is divine. It’s soft and beautiful. And I have a feeling this baby is going to get a lot of use in my wardrobe.

IMG_1924 IMG_1927 IMG_1931 IMG_1933 IMG_1934 IMG_1935

FO: Clear Creek Pullover

Last night, I finished a sweater that I had started thirty days earlier. It was the Clear Creek Pullover from Carol Fellers. The pattern is written for sport weight yarn on size 7 needles, and I modified it for fingering weight yarn (TFA Red Label in Ravine from one of Tanis’s Etsy Updates) on size 6 needles. And I love it.

IMG_1914 IMG_1915 IMG_1918 IMG_1919 IMG_1920 IMG_1921 IMG_1923I’m immensely proud of it. And if you want to know anything more about it, check out my Ravelry project page.


FO: Allegheny

“Miss Hendricks, I like your new dress. It’s purple.”


“Miss Hendricks, that dress is really pretty. Did you make that?”

IMG_1882“Miss Hendricks, I love your dress. Actually, I just love purple sweater-dresses. I have one too!”  IMG_1885

Those were a few of my students’ reactions to the new dress that I wore to work on Thursday, our first day back after a deliciously long winter break. The dress that was so fabulous? Allegheny by Thea Coleman in Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran Weight in Plum. Green label is one of my favorite yarns in this world-although I should admit that I’m kind of a Tanis addict in general. And the yarn worked amazingly well with a great pattern. The pattern is easy to follow and well-written.

IMG_1886 IMG_1887 IMG_1888 IMG_1889 IMG_1891


Raveled here.

FO: Marlow, Round Two

When I initially designed Marlow, I created the pattern sample as a gift for someone else. But I knew that I wanted another one for myself. And I also knew that I had the perfect yarn in my stash for what I wanted. So, I grabbed my size 9 needles and two skeins of Madelinetosh Chunky in Betty Draper’s Blues, and I went to work. A short while later, this is what I had.
IMG_1874 IMG_1878I finished it yesterday, and I’m in love with it. This baby is going to get sooo much use this winter.

Raveled here.

Pattern here.

Pattern Release: Marlow

The character of Andrew Marlow from Elizabeth Kostova’s novel, The Swan Thieves, inspired this cowl. Marlow is a simple but intricately worked pattern designed to reflect the contrast between Andrew’s simple exterior and complicated interior.

IMG_1826 IMG_1827 IMG_1828 IMG_1829 IMG_1834Andrew Marlow, the narrator of The Swan Thieves, is probably one of my favorite characters in the book, and so creating this design was a great joy for me. I can’t wait to see other cowls knit up.

This pattern is truly unique in this collection. I have envisioned each of the other characters through shawls, but I’ve always known that Andrew was not a shawl person. And when this cowl came to me, I knew that it was perfect. Using either aran or bulky weight yarn, it is the heaviest weight project of the collection, which is why a December release is perfectly timed. But I think it is beautiful, and I love it.

You can purchase the pattern here.

ETA: The “feliznavidad” promotion can be applied towards a purchase of Marlow or of the entire Swan Thieves collection.

Holiday Gifts

In honor of the holiday season, I will giving you 25% off the purchase price of any of my patterns on Ravelry. I’ve decided to run this sale from today (Festivus) until January 6 (Epiphany). Therefore, from today until January 6, you will be able to get 25% off the price of any pattern simply by entering the code: feliznavidad.

Have a happy holiday season!

FO: Framed Cowl

The latest pattern from the TFA Year in Colour (September) was Framed Slouch using the utterly divine Orange label (merino, cashmere, and silk in a worsted weight that is somehow related to fuzzy darling baby kittens. The colour was “mosaic,” a unique and lovely blend of yellows and oranges and blues. I loved the yarn and the color. And the pattern was super cute too. But there was a problem. IMG_1822I am not a hat person. At all. So, I fiddled about with things and made myself a cowl instead. And now, it’s finally done. And it is delightful like kittens and snuggling with kittens. IMG_1823More details can be found on my ravelry project page. IMG_1825

FO: Jackson Creek Cardigan

At the end of March, one of my favorite designers published a new sweater pattern, the Jackson Creek Cardigan. I fell instantly in love with the pattern (which I immediately owned due to purchasing the Urban Collection, vol. 2 when the first pattern was released) and I immediately went over to TFA and bought six skeins of yellow label (dk weight) in frost, a wonderfully icy blue with just the loveliest hints of grey.

And then I left the yarn in my closet until about two months ago when the TFA group on Ravelry started a Knit-A-Long for the Urban Collection. (The KAL ran from September 14 to October 14.) I immediately set to work knitting my Jackson Creek, and while I didn’t finish within the time limits set for the KAL, I’m finally done. I finished the sweater on Friday night, blocked it, and I wore it to work today for the first time. I’m in love with it. Another teacher told me it was lovely. (There was also the coworker who told me it looked terrible when the first teacher told him that I had made it, but I’m going to ignore that comment.) Long story short? I love it. I absolutely love it.

I know my head is chopped off, but it's the best pic I could get of the sweater itself.

I know my head is chopped off, but it’s the best pic I could get of the sweater itself.


I made a few modifications for this. I lengthened the sleeves to make this a more wintery sweater rather than the spring sweater it’s written to be. I also knit the body as one pieces because I wanted to. For more info, see my Rav project pageIMG_1812 IMG_1813




Sneak Peak

Below are two photos (taken on my iPod, so please excuse the quality) of my newest project. I’m modifying a pattern that I have previously published to be larger and to use a heavier weight yarn. I’m double-stranding two yarns together to create an interesting color effect. And I can’t wait to show you the finished product. IMG_0019 IMG_0020