Procrastination…in video form

You may recognize the format of the following two videos. They were created using YouTube’s new “Search Stories” feature, a feature that was used to create a commercial for Google during the 2010 Super Bowl. I’ll post the link that some time.
But since I’m stressed college senior who is working on her “senior thesis” and massive lesson plans and other random crap, creating Jane Austen-themed Search Stories is my new form of procrastination.
This one is “Emma.”

And this is “Pride and Prejudice.”

Enjoy! And feel free to mock my Jane Austen Obsession.

On a related note, I need to buy a new copy of P&P. I want to reread it but my copy is in my parents’ attic. Plus, you can never own too many books or too many copies of a Jane Austen novel.

And in cool crocheting news, I received an order today from a classmate for a pair of mittens. She saw a picture of a pair I made for a friend and said, “I’ve got to have those.” She’s paying for them and I’m excited. It’s a great pattern and I’m always glad to get an order.


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