Last night around 11pm, I finally finished my first pair of hand-knitted socks. I had finished the first sock in just under two weeks and the second sock took a little over three weeks to complete. This was largely due to being busy at work…but I lost my job today, so I have more free time for knitting and reading. Granted, I should find a new job…and will commence with that tomorrow…but I’m always glad to have more free time to knit and read. my first pair of socks

I really like these socks. They’re the Jaywalker pattern by Grumperina from Ravelry. They may not have been the easiest pair of socks to start off with but who cares? I made them! And I’m proud of them. I think they suit my personality in an odd sort of way. And I love the mix of colors.

And now that I’ve made one pair of socks, I know that I can make many more. But first I need to finish that doll sweater and make a friend a baby blanket.

A knitter’s life is never boring.


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