Uninspired Knitting

I currently have one knitting project (a doll sweater) and one crochet project (a baby blanket for a friend) on my needles. They’re both lovely projects. But I’m not inspired by them. I’m not drawn into them.

I want to knit socks and sweaters. I’m finding patterns and yarn colors that are drawing me in. And I want to use them. I want to use bright greens and purples and reds. And I’m using a pale brown and a dark purple that is lovely-but the attached project has lost my interest.

Now why can’t I just pick up another pattern and some of the yarn I have waiting for me to use? I have a strict policy of only having two projects “on-needle” at a time. And I’m stubborn. I won’t just send these projects to hibernate mode. No, I must power through them, finish them, and then reward myself by allowing myself to make one of the lovely sweaters or a pair of the socks that are calling my name.

Thanks for letting me vent. Hopefully, I’ll post some pictures of some finished projects here very soon.


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