Random Monday

The idea of “Random Monday” was pilfered from the Yarn Harlot’s Blog.I like it because I have a few random things that I feel like blogging about-even if no one really cares, I’m still going to share.

1) I’m inspired by both of my current knitting projects! Okay, so yesterday I wanted the sock I’m currently knitting to finish itself-BUT that was just because I wanted to wear it. I really do enjoy knitting my socks. And I LOVE knitting my sweater. I love the color and it’s easy and it’s fun. Oh, it’s great!

2) Knitting in public impresses people. Today, I was knitting my sock whilst at the doctor’s office. Both the resident and my PCP (primary care physician) commented on my sock. They were impressed that I was knitting a sock and thought it was really cool that I was knitting in public.

3) I read an entire book in one day yesterday. And it was really good. Yesterday, I went to my mother and asked her if she had any books to read. She handed me this book called “Born Under a Million Shadows” by Andrea Busfield. It’s about a young boy living in present-day Afghanistan. It’s really cool. I highly recommend it.

4) Many of my good friends are at Campus Outreach Academy this week. I miss them (especially Katie and Becky) but I’m praying for them. And I’ll get to see Katie and Becky (and Ben and Steve, who are slightly less exciting)  in like nine days when they come visit me on their way home to Pittsburgh.

5) I’m 1/5 of the way through the work week.

6) My mom is cooking dinner in the kitchen and it smells really good.


Mission Accomplished!

I finished another project! For several weeks, I’d been working on a baby blanket for a dear friend of mine. You’ve heard about this previously. I wasn’t crazy about the color…Ben thought it was getting too big…I was bored by the pattern…I was sick of crocheting…

Well, it’s all over now. I finished it on Monday. I’d originally intended to make it 40 inches long-as the pattern recommended. But Mom and Ben talked me out of it. It’s final length is 30 inches. But it’s big enough. And it’s lovely.

Rachel's Blanket

It’s done. Le sigh…

Now, I’m knitting a pair of light gray socks (probably mentioned in my last post) and a new sweater (definitely not mentioned in my last post) in a holly-berry colored red. I’m excited about both of them. And I love the colors. And my knitting is inspired again.