I’d learn to knit BUT…

Let me throw a scenario at you. Cecilia is sitting in class/in the hall/at a meeting/at a party/at a friend’s house and knitting. Person X says “Cecilia, you knit? That’s so cool. I wish I could learn to knit but it looks so hard/I have no time/I’m afraid of needles.”
Cecilia says “I could teach you.”
Person X says “Oh, that’s okay. I wouldn’t be any good at it.”
Cecilia smiles and goes back to what she was doing. But inside, she thinks to herself “Why do you say ‘I wish I could knit’ to a knitter if you don’t actually want to learn to knit?” I
People, knitting really, really, really is NOT that hard. It takes time. It takes practice. It takes diligence. But it will not kill you. My first knitted piece was not perfect. Even now I make mistakes. (Remind me to sew up those slipped stitches on that sweater I’m making. And remind me to really carefully read the directions so that I increase twice where I’m supposed to instead of only increasing once.)
Knitting is not that hard. Yeah, there are pointy sticks involved. They’re kind of scary. But they won’t kill you. And who knows? You might end up loving it. So next time you see a knitter and she offers to teach you, take her/him up on it. You might end up loving it.
And please tell people who don’t really want to learn how to knit to stop telling me that they wish they could knit. It confuses me.


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