I’m real

That title is a veiled reference to The Velveteen Rabbit, my favorite children’s story. The theme/message of the story is that only by being loved and enduring all of the consequences of love can you become real.

I had an amazing day at school today-absolutely amazing, wonderful, fantastic. And yet, I feel like crying.

Today, one class of fourth-graders invited me to sign their classroom “social contract.” The social contract lists all of the things that the students promise their teachers (homeroom and specials) they will be during their classes. They sign it and then they ask their homeroom teachers and their specials teachers to sign it. Today, they asked Senora Z (my cooperating teacher) to sign it. And then, they asked their teacher if they could ask me to sign it since I am a teacher. He told them to go for it. So they asked me to sign their social contract since I’m one of their teachers too.

Then, we went to eighth grade elective. In every class, we go around the room and ask the kids to share one “good thing” that has happened to them in the past day/week/month/summer. Today, they asked me if I had any good things to share with them. I couldn’t think of anything in the moment. But still, they asked me. They’re accepting me as their teacher!

I feel real. And I’m teaching my first lesson in front of kids Monday. Pray for me!


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