I breaked a rule!

Tee-hee! That title breaks a rule too. That’s okay. We’ll all live.

So I mentioned earlier on this blog how I have this rule whereby I only knit two projects at a time. Yeah, I broke that rule. But I have a good reason for it!

I’m currently knitting a hat for my friend’s eighteen-month-old daughter, G. However, I am making G’s hat out of a sweater that I was making for myself last winter but then decided that I didn’t want/like. So I’m unraveling it as I knit the hat. I can’t exactly carry this around with me everywhere I go. I can only work on it at home.

My second current project is a beautiful sweater with lots of cabling. It requires a TON of attention to detail. This is not a “throw in your purse and work on during a lecture” project. This is a “sit on the couch and work on while watching a movie alone” project.

My third current project is a scarf for my friend, K. It’s her Christmas present and so I’m not in any sort of big hurry on it. Plus, it’s half done. I’m totally getting there. And this is my “throw in your purse and work on during a lecture” project. It gets a lot of love and attention that way.

But yes, I breaked a rule. Live with it.


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