Amazing Friends

Sometimes you have to get punched in the face to realize how good you have it. And that’s true of my friends. I have some pretty amazing friends. And I’m including my really great brother in this.

1) My brother…He took me to the emergency room yesterday and stayed there with me while I had an emergency surgery. And he called our mom to tell her. And he called our friend Kyle to let him know about it so that he could pray for the situation-and be aware of it to help me if I needed help.

2) Ben…He may be about 430 miles away from me but he’s still a good friend. Yesterday after my surgery, I asked him to tell our mutual friend Katie (they live in the same city) so that she wouldn’t get freaked out by a text message from me saying “Hey, I just had surgery.” He did as asked…and then promised to pray for me.

3) Katie…her immediate reaction to me after hearing from Ben was “I’m praying for you. We need to talk. SOON. Are you okay?” Yeah, I love her.

4) Marie…also known as my roommate; she took me to get my prescriptions filled yesterday. That’s pretty great.

5) Kyle…after getting a bunch of people to pray for me, he came over this evening with a 2-liter of Sprite and a bottle of ibuprofen. And then he stayed and kept me company for an hour. I’d been alone most of the day. I’d been knitting and doing school work and watching movies. An hour of Kyle did for my spirits what the Sprite and ibuprofen do for my body.

6) Jesus…he gave me all of those people. And he’s given me more people who I know are praying for me and loving me who didn’t get mentioned. But without him, I wouldn’t have the five people I mentioned. And I’m very grateful to each of them for time, prayers, attention, love, and little things like bottles of Sprite.


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