Random Fridays

1) This has been a long and stressful week. But it’s over. Now I can do schoolwork, knit, watch movies, consume the fruit of the vine, and relax until Monday.

2) Monday, I’m teaching eighth grade while being observed by my content-area seminar professor. I’m a little nervous.

3) I taught eighth-grade by myself today. Senora wasn’t in the room at all; she was doing translation for someone else somewhere else in the building. It was scary. It was stressful. But I did it. (I wasn’t alone in the room; the eighth-grade English teacher was there for legal liability reasons.)

4) The assistant principal and the principal both came into the room while I was teaching. It was nervous-making. But neither of them criticized me.

5) I feel very spiritually empty this week. I’m not quite sure why but I do.

6) I really want Panera.

7) I got a free cookie yesterday after my COE seminar. It was random and delicious.


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