Love Languages

I am very much so convinced that of the five love languages, mine is probably a combination of words of affirmation, quality time, and gifts. Acts of service and physical touch are very nice things. But they are not my primary ways of giving or receiving love.

But when Katie sends me a text message telling me that she loves me or when Ben sends me an email saying “yeah, I got your prayer request; I’m on it. Trust God,” those messages speak love to my soul. When Kyle sits in my living room and listens to me ramble about literature for an hour, that shows me love. When Jenny talks to me on the phone, that shows me love. When Annie gives me flowers on my birthday, that shows me love. When Katie mailed me a purple umbrella…well, you get the idea.

And when Senora buys me a vanilla latte on her way to work in the morning, well, that keeps bringing tears of joy to my eyes.

Every morning this semester, I have carried a tired-looking gray travel mug with a blue lid with me as I walked around WCA. Senora noticed it and asked me what was in it about three days into school; I told her coffee-the only way I can really get off the ground in the morning. It’s been with me day in and day out.

Yesterday, I left it in her office when I left. I realized it about ten minutes after I left but I was in a hurry to get to a class so I couldn’t go back and get it. But no big deal…I have two other travel mugs at home. One leaks; one only holds 12 ounces in comparison with the 20ish my gray one holds. But this morning, I made my usual pot of coffee and poured it and some vanilla-caramel creamer into my 12 oz. mug. And then I left for WCA.

When I got there, Senora wasn’t in her office. But sitting on the desk that I use was a hot Starbucks cup, my mug that I’d forgotten, and a note saying “I saw that you forgot your mug yesterday so I picked you up a coffee on my way in this morning. -SZ”

She went and bought me a vanilla latte at Starbucks.I know…it’s just a latte. But when you’re tired and feeling crappy about yourself and you’re beginning to wonder if a human being can possibly evaporate from exhaustion and stress and confusion and frustration, a vanilla latte is like a kiss from God. Caffeine is powerful.

Now for a funny kid story…

Senora has been telling our students that she found out she is going to have a baby boy come spring. Naturally, all the boys want her to name the baby after themselves. One fifth-grader, M, told her that she should name the baby after him because “I’m legendary and if you’re legendary people should name their children after you so that the legend continues.”



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