Am I crazy? Maybe.

Reasons why I think I may be going slightly nuts.

1) I lost my water bottle today. I just bought it two months ago to replace one that had previously broken. And I liked it. A lot. But now it’s gone. And I’m not worried. I’m too tired to care. Plus, Target has the same water bottle on sale this week.

2) I have a cold. It will probably stick around until April. Because this is an annual event, it doesn’t phase me anymore.

3). Just look at the way I wrote that. I think that says I’ve finally lost it.

4) My need to correct other people’s grammar is getting out of control.

5) I really wish I was in Pittsburgh right now. My heart is there. My body is here. We have a problem.

6) I don’t know where I’m student-teaching come January. I know what sections of what classes I’m supposed to be in at GVSU. But I don’t have my placement yet. Maybe that will come tomorrow.

7) I really want purple daisies.

8) I need a nap. I have class tonight. I’ll just eat some sugar before I leave. That’ll work, right?

9) There seems to be some sort of direct correlation between my lack of sleep and my logical fallacies.

10) Is it Christmas yet?


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