I just choked on a cough drop. That gives saying “This cold is going to kill me” a whole new meaning.

I also just finished the second sleeve of this sweater. And I seamed the front pieces to the back pieces. Now, I need to knit the collar and sew the rest of it all together. Then, I have to make the belt. And then, I can proudly wear my green Banana-Leaf love sweater. I started this sweater on September 18. That was a long time ago. It is time to put this puppy to rest.

And looking at the ribbing on this sweater, I’m really looking forward to wearing it. It looks so pretty and warm.

Plus, I”m ready to finish this one and start something new. I need to make Jenn a sweater and I need to start making lace scarves. I really want to make lace scarves. I have four skeins of lace yarn and the perfect pattern. Now, all I need to do is finish this green-sleeved beauty and cast on something new.

P.S. Harry Potter 7, Pt. 1 rocks. I loved it. It had so many pretty knits in it.



I’m currently in a chair at my parents’ house in the living room with my laptop, some knitting, and some homework. My throat hurts, so I should probably make some tea.

The cat is currently dabbling in one of my mother’s potted plants in the dining room. And since I’m the only one home, I should reprimand her. But I think it’s funny to watch her play with parsley, so I won’t.

Right now, I’m listening to “Thankful” by Josh Groban. It’s from his 2007 Christmas album, Noel, but I think it’s a Thanksgiving song. While it is a little hokey and cliche, it’s reminding me that I have so much for which to be thankful. For one thing, I’m here and able to get a few days of rest before the final push to end the semester. And I have some pretty great friends and family. I have a great God. I’m still in school.

But I also have a lot to be anxious about. I still haven’t taken my practice OPI…because the professor with whom I was supposed to meet went to Iowa for Thanksgiving. I just want this whole OPI business to be behind me. Please God, please.

And I don’t know where I’ll be student teaching yet. Apparently, our letters were mailed today, which means I’ll know by next Monday. I want to know, but at the same time, I’m not ready to leave my kids. Last night, I realized that with the exception of my eighth-graders who have class three times a week, I’ll only see each class three more times. Three. And then I leave. I’m not ready. And I will miss them. I’ll cry when I leave. But I know that, so I’m okay with it.

And the cat is no longer puttering in the parsley. I think she’s in the basil now.

Things that Kids Say

Today was filled with some priceless gems:

1) I was in fourth-grade helping kids with some schoolwork when I was asked “Is your hair naturally curly?”

2) A few minutes later, I went to the office to talk to the secretary and found two kindergarten girls there waiting for their moms. One said “Hello, art teacher! Art teacher!”

“I’m not the art teacher,” I replied. “If I was, the world would be in a lot of trouble.”

“Yeah, she’s the Spanish teacher,” the second girl said.

“Hi, Spanish art teacher!” said the first girl.

Then the second girl reached out to hug me…and fell off the chair she was sitting on. So I helped her stand up and then she hugged me again.

Then, when I was leaving the office, the first girl called “Bye, Spanish Art Teacher!” after me.

She has much to learn about life.


This week has been full of answered prayers and unexpected blessings/graces. Today was a good day at school. But not for expected reasons…

Today, I was observed by my GVSU field coordinator while I was teaching the eighth-graders. They’re good kids but rowdy. So I was teaching and I had to discipline a kid. I gave him a “strike.” WCA has a three-strikes and then detention policy. D, as we’ll call him, has a good heart but he has trouble behaving. I like him but I’m tired of being interrupted when I’m teaching. So I gave him a strike. And then I went on teaching.

The kids seemed to like the lesson. They learned that Senorita can be “paciente” with her students but “impaciente” with Starbucks baristas who make her wait ten minutes for her coffee. In fact, I think that one of them might associate “paciente” and “impaciente” with Senorita and coffee for the rest of his life…or at least until his quiz on Monday.

After the lesson, I talked to my field coordinator and he seemed to think that the lesson had gone really well. He said that I’ve really, really come out of my shell in the past two months. He thinks I’ll be a good teacher.

And then I started to walk out of the classroom when D came over to me and told me “You did a really good job today, Senorita” before giving me a hug. My heart melted.

Two seconds later, I was complimented by an eighth-grade girl on my scarf that Lauren bought me in Grenada. And then the boy standing next to her asked me if I would give it to him. He’s not even my student. It was a gift from one of my dearest friends. And it’s from Spain…so that’s a “No, but I’m glad you like it.”


Random Ramblings

1) Do you remember when I lost my water bottle? Yeah, I didn’t really lose it. I left it in my car.

2) I’m getting sick of being a college student. I need God’s grace to get through the next six months. I need a double dosage of that to get through the next six weeks. I never was a patient person and I’m really, really losing patience with some of my professors.

3) I wish I had more time to knit.

4) I really wish I had more time to read. It took me ONE MONTH to finish C.S. Lewis’s “That Hideous Strength.” It was great but if I’d had more time, I would have finished it sooner.

5) I need a new iPod.

6) I also need to go to class.

Why I love Kindergartners

Why do I love kindergartners? Look at see…

1) Small children escaping from line (some multiple times) so that they can hug Miss H.

2) Small children hugging my ankles and knees while I tell them to sit “criss-cross applesauce.” They were sitting “criss-cross applesauce,” but their hands weren’t in their laps.

3) The following exchange:

Student 1:”Miss H, what’s your favorite kind of pie? Peach or apple?”

Miss H: “Well, I like them both, but I like apple more.”

Student 1: “Miss H, I could make you a pie with both.”

Miss H: “Well, that’s okay. I like apple more.”

Student 2: “What’s your favorite though?”

Miss H: Pecan

Student 3: I had a  pumpkin pie from Dairy Queen once.

Miss H: I love pumpkin pie.

Student 3: I didn’t like it at all.

Student 2: I love pumpkin pie. It’s really good.

I’m waiting to see if I get a pie out of Student 1. I doubt it.