This week has been full of answered prayers and unexpected blessings/graces. Today was a good day at school. But not for expected reasons…

Today, I was observed by my GVSU field coordinator while I was teaching the eighth-graders. They’re good kids but rowdy. So I was teaching and I had to discipline a kid. I gave him a “strike.” WCA has a three-strikes and then detention policy. D, as we’ll call him, has a good heart but he has trouble behaving. I like him but I’m tired of being interrupted when I’m teaching. So I gave him a strike. And then I went on teaching.

The kids seemed to like the lesson. They learned that Senorita can be “paciente” with her students but “impaciente” with Starbucks baristas who make her wait ten minutes for her coffee. In fact, I think that one of them might associate “paciente” and “impaciente” with Senorita and coffee for the rest of his life…or at least until his quiz on Monday.

After the lesson, I talked to my field coordinator and he seemed to think that the lesson had gone really well. He said that I’ve really, really come out of my shell in the past two months. He thinks I’ll be a good teacher.

And then I started to walk out of the classroom when D came over to me and told me “You did a really good job today, Senorita” before giving me a hug. My heart melted.

Two seconds later, I was complimented by an eighth-grade girl on my scarf that Lauren bought me in Grenada. And then the boy standing next to her asked me if I would give it to him. He’s not even my student. It was a gift from one of my dearest friends. And it’s from Spain…so that’s a “No, but I’m glad you like it.”



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