Things that Kids Say

Today was filled with some priceless gems:

1) I was in fourth-grade helping kids with some schoolwork when I was asked “Is your hair naturally curly?”

2) A few minutes later, I went to the office to talk to the secretary and found two kindergarten girls there waiting for their moms. One said “Hello, art teacher! Art teacher!”

“I’m not the art teacher,” I replied. “If I was, the world would be in a lot of trouble.”

“Yeah, she’s the Spanish teacher,” the second girl said.

“Hi, Spanish art teacher!” said the first girl.

Then the second girl reached out to hug me…and fell off the chair she was sitting on. So I helped her stand up and then she hugged me again.

Then, when I was leaving the office, the first girl called “Bye, Spanish Art Teacher!” after me.

She has much to learn about life.


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