I just choked on a cough drop. That gives saying “This cold is going to kill me” a whole new meaning.

I also just finished the second sleeve of this sweater. And I seamed the front pieces to the back pieces. Now, I need to knit the collar and sew the rest of it all together. Then, I have to make the belt. And then, I can proudly wear my green Banana-Leaf love sweater. I started this sweater on September 18. That was a long time ago. It is time to put this puppy to rest.

And looking at the ribbing on this sweater, I’m really looking forward to wearing it. It looks so pretty and warm.

Plus, I”m ready to finish this one and start something new. I need to make Jenn a sweater and I need to start making lace scarves. I really want to make lace scarves. I have four skeins of lace yarn and the perfect pattern. Now, all I need to do is finish this green-sleeved beauty and cast on something new.

P.S. Harry Potter 7, Pt. 1 rocks. I loved it. It had so many pretty knits in it.


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