Tomorrow is my last day at WCA. I can’t believe it. And I don’t want this wonderful time to end. But all good things must come to an end.

Today, however, is a day that has reminded me how important it is to trust God and rely on him in ALL things. All things, not just the little minute details that don’t really matter, but the big things; I have to trust him with all of them.

And that is hard. Really hard.

You may recall that I took the OPI last week. Last Friday, I took the Oral Proficiency Interview for Spanish. And I felt like it went reasonably well. I felt like I had done enough to get an “Advanced Low,” which is the grade I need to student teach. And I was pretty at peace with life.

Then, I got a phone call this morning. The sound recording had failed during my OPI, so I had to retake it. Um, I just want to teach. That’s all I want to do. And my students will tell you that I am a good teacher. Just let me teach; it’s what I was made to do.

So, at about 2:20 PM, we began the interview process. I was nervous and scared. Just before taking it, I had found out that a friend of mine had not passed the OPI. And I had just lost my favorite, beloved water bottle. It was purple; I love all things purple.

I took the exam; I think I did well enough to pass, but I’m not sure. Then, I told the secretary that I thought that since I’ve taken this blasted thing twice (in less than a week) ACTFL (the governing body of this) should just automatically pass me. She said that she wished she could arrange that for me.

Then I went into the bathroom and cried. I’ve cried quite a bit today. I’m overwhelmed. Tomorrow, I have to say good-bye to my babies. And today I had to deal with the blasted OPI for the second time in less than a week.

I know that God has a plan for me. But right now, I’m not entirely sure of what it is. But I have to trust him because that is what I have promised to do.


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