Life, or Something Like It

Today, my humble little blog received over 1,000 hits. I am in awe. Apparently, at least some of these people were searching for “Harry Potter Sweater Patterns.” To each of them, I would like to say, “Please be patient with me. It is coming.”

Yes, I am developing a pattern that I have tentatively named “Hermione Jean.” However, I am still knitting my own personal Hermione Jean (Please see above photo; it is my progress as of last Friday…although it is a little more advanced than that today) and therefore do not yet have a pattern for my eager test knitters or the general public as of yet. I am aiming to have this pattern to my test knitters over on Ravelry by early February and I am currently knitting at a pace that would indicate this to be an achievable goal. Then, once they have tested it for me and we have verified that it is a good pattern, it will be available for sale on Etsy and Ravelry. I am choosing to sell this pattern because it is requiring a great deal of personal commitment from me and I would like to be compensated accordingly for said efforts.

If you would prefer to knit a free pattern, I am hoping to have a cap-sleeved tunic sweater/sweater-dress available on the blog and Ravelry by late February or early March. This pattern, which currently only exists in the dusty garret also known as my brain, may possible be available before Hermione Jean, but we shall see.

For those of you who read this blog to stay informed about the life of one eccentric college student named Cecilia, I am still alive. I am currently taking five English classes-one linguistics class, one critical theory class, and three literature classes. If we threw the linguistics class away, I might think that I had died and gone to heaven. I read, I knit, I eat, I sleep, I drink coffee. And I don’t think it necessarily happens in that order.

Please keep reading! I promise that I will have two lovely new patterns up for you in the near future. And in the meantime, try knitting Anne-Cordelia. G. loves hers…and she has room to grow, which both her mother and I find exciting.


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