Random Saturday

1) I need to go to the grocery store and the bank.

2)That’s the view from my living room window. Does this tell you why I don’t want to go to the bank and grocery store?

3) I need to read/finish reading three books between now and Thursday. But I also need to get my butt moving and make Maryn’s baby’s blanket.

4) One of those books is The Great Gatsby. I like that book. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a decently handsome man. Zelda’s hair was not decently anything. And her scowl was weird.

5) Look at this!

Hermione Jean just needs a hood and sleeves. I’m so excited about this project.

6) So I need to do some schoolwork today. Then, I get to go eat a home-cooked meal for dinner at someone else’s warm house. Then, I get to come home, Skype with Katie and Becky, eat popcorn, and watch Leap Year with them. I love my friends.


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