Random Monday

  1. Maria's lace blanket

    I have a new finished object to show off. This is a baby blanket for a friend’s baby and I’m pretty dang proud of it. It’s very pretty, but I’m not entirely crazy about the pattern. Also, I need to wash it to block it.

  2. I don’t like Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. I’m reading it for World Literature and I’m really not crazy about it.
  3. I love Downton Abbey. It’s on Masterpiece Theatre; well, it’s done airing on TV, but it’s on their website until late February. Check it out. It’s a bit risque but pretty dang supremely awesome.
  4. The Hermione Jean sweater is coming along beautifully. I’m almost done with the first sleeve and should have the whole thing done by Friday. Then I’ll release the pattern to test-knitters.
  5. I’m actually working on Jenn’s sweater. I’d like to finish it soon.
  6. And then I’m finally going to start working on the pattern that I need to talk Katie into naming.
  7. And then…there’s the new Superman. I’m kind of excited about this since I’ve had a crush on him for about a year.Yesterday, Katie asked me if someone had been with me to make sure that I was still breathing after I found out. I wasn’t; I was alone.

    the new Superman...he's slightly attractive.


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