Hermione Jean Pictures

I finished Hermione Jean about three weeks ago. But I haven’t had time/camera/help to take pictures. Until tonight…

Jenn took pictures for me after dinner.

Then, being Jenn, she made me get up and work the camera.

This next one was when I was supposed to be looking smoldering. I think it’s more confused but you know…

If you’re wondering what the deal with my hair is, well, it’s very special. My hair is psychotic. I’m thinking about growing it longer so that I can do more with it.

The back…we were watching Two and a Half Men while she was taking these.


Face of Christ

Do you remember when I told you that winter would be back and the spring never comes to Michigan in February?

I was right. Winter came back with a vengeance yesterday. And then someone plowed snow around my care this morning so that I couldn’t get out of my parking spot.

I was already running late to get to class on time.  I tried to move snow with my hands and kick it with my feet. But I couldn’t get my car out. This was the second time that this has happened in this parking lot-in the month of February. I wanted to give up and cry. I didn’t want to go to class and I didn’t want to deal with people anymore.

Then the man who cleans the snow around St. James, the neighborhood Catholic church, came over. Armed with a snow-thrower and a shovel, he offered to help me. I said please. In less than ten minutes, he had my car free.

I thanked him and went to class. It took me half an hour on horrible roads and I got into the classroom four minutes after class was scheduled to start. The professor came in two minutes after me.

After class, I went to my friend’s house to help with run errands because she’s just getting over strep. I ended up skipping my second class of the day because of the condition of the roads-and the fact that I may be getting sick.

But none of this would have been possible without the man who rescued my car. He showed me the face of Christ this morning. And he made my day.

False Spring

Today, I walked in the rain. It was 50 degrees. Now, to those of you who are not from Michigan, that may seem like a hopeful bit of news. It means spring has come. And I love spring. Skirts and tulips and crocuses and fewer layers of clothes…as Tom Lehrer says “Spring is here! O! Spring is here! Life is skittles and life is beer. I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring. I do! Don’t you? Of course you do.”

But this is a false spring. After all, this is Michigan. Our official state motto is “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.” Our real state motto is “If you don’t like the weather in Michigan, wait five minutes.” Eventually, it will get cold and dreary and snowy again.

I’m being cynical. I know. I’ve had a crappy week. The only toilet in our apartment clogged on Tuesday morning and the plumber didn’t come until last night. I’ve spent two nights sleeping on a couch. And I really appreciate the couch but I do NOT appreciate the landlord. Do people realize that in business word of mouth can affect their reputation?

Wanted: My Reflections on Valentine’s Day

Single White Female seeks Single (race not an issue) Male who will entertain her and clean the bathroom. Also, if this man could read the “Feminist Criticism” chapter of Lois Tyson’s “Critical Theory Today” and summarize it for me, that would be terrific. I need to read Dracula. Also, I want to write a letter to Jaci. I already started it;  it promises to be an awesome letter.

I know a lot of people who call February 14 (The Feast of St. Valentine, a bishop and martyr) “Singleness Awareness Day.” Another friend of mine calls it “Feminine Mind Control Day.” Well, I am aware that I am single. No one gave me flowers today-although my mommy did send me a card in the mail. No one gave me gifts-although I have a package from Katie coming in the mail tomorrow. No one spoiled me. But I don’t mind being single.

Marie and I went out for dinner tonight. We went to the Olive Garden, one of my favorite restaurants. The waiter flirted with both of us and it was fun. He correctly guessed how old I am before checking my ID. And he called me honey. It was way more exciting than being hit on by a married man.

But now I’m home. And I’m reading “Feminist Criticism.” I don’t like it. It’s dry. I’d much rather knit while someone else entertains me. After he cleans the bathroom of course…

Hermione Jean…a Finished Object

Stick a fork in this knitter. I’m done. I finished my Hermione Jean sweater and I sent the pattern to my test knitters.

My camera is being silly right now, but I’ll get Jenn to help me out photo-wise on Friday. Then I’ll be able to post pictures.  It doesn’t look exactly like Hermione’s sweater in the movie but I think I’m okay with that. I’m very satisfied with the finished product.

Snow Day

I’m in college. And I have a snow day. Thank you, Snowmageddon 2011. You’ve made my day. I needed a break. I was tired and stressed and needed a break. Today, I slept in until 10am. I’m watching the 2009 BBC Emma and working on the Hermione Jean sweater/pattern. My sweater should be done in the next couple of days. I just need to find one sleeve and sew it on. And then, I’ll have a sweater.

Here….have a look at the sweater:

At some level, this is taking longer than I expected, but I don’t really mind. Theoretically speaking, my snow day should help me make a pretty good dent in it.

Now, back to the movie; when it’s over, I have to write a paper that’s due tomorrow.