False Spring

Today, I walked in the rain. It was 50 degrees. Now, to those of you who are not from Michigan, that may seem like a hopeful bit of news. It means spring has come. And I love spring. Skirts and tulips and crocuses and fewer layers of clothes…as Tom Lehrer says “Spring is here! O! Spring is here! Life is skittles and life is beer. I think the loveliest time of the year is the spring. I do! Don’t you? Of course you do.”

But this is a false spring. After all, this is Michigan. Our official state motto is “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.” Our real state motto is “If you don’t like the weather in Michigan, wait five minutes.” Eventually, it will get cold and dreary and snowy again.

I’m being cynical. I know. I’ve had a crappy week. The only toilet in our apartment clogged on Tuesday morning and the plumber didn’t come until last night. I’ve spent two nights sleeping on a couch. And I really appreciate the couch but I do NOT appreciate the landlord. Do people realize that in business word of mouth can affect their reputation?


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