Spring Break Recap

Spring break is over. This morning, I packed all of my crap into my car, vacated my parents’ house, went to Mass, and headed back to the west side of the lovely mitten-shaped state in which I reside.

All in all, it was a good break and I think it’ll give me both the rest and the push I need to get through these last six weeks (plus finals week) of this semester.

It wasn’t the most productive week of my life and that’s probably a good thing. I read a book. I knitted a few things. I watched Kenneth Branagh’s “endless, uncut” four-hour Hamlet. I spent time with my family.

Family is great. My mom fixed the gaping hole in my coat that was threatening to eat my car keys and cell phone. Being the woman who taught me to sew, she could have just told me to fix it myself, but being my mother, she fixed my coat pocket for me.

I had some great time with some great friends-both in person and via skype. Tea, cookies, pet fish, and and friends are unbeatable medicine for the soul.

Migraines, something I had most of the week, are not good medicine, but they won’t kill me.

But the week is over. I have to push through the last six weeks of school and get to Easter and finals week. Exams start the day after Easter, which isn’t ideal but is doable. It also give me perspective on the rest of semester. Easter is six weeks from today. I just have to get through the rest of Lent and get to Easter. And then, I’m free. It doesn’t make for the easiest Lent of the century, but it’s doable. It’s six weeks. Six weeks. Then Easter, finals, and freedom…all doable; I just need to breath.


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