Random Saturday

Greetings blogosphere! Today is Saturday and I have no plans except for reading Baltimore. Yes, I will read the whole book in one day. Then, I will watch You’ve Got Mail. This means that I will merely cue up my Grooveshark “favorites” playlist and run through all the songs on it-multiple times if need be. But first, I will give y’all seven random things from my week.

1) Apparently, I became a character in a vampire novel on Tuesday. Well, not quite…On Tuesday in vampire lit, we were discussing a novel in which there is a character named Celia. But my professor kept calling her Cecilia…most likely because Yours Truly was sitting there in all of her Cecilian glory.

2) Yesterday, I found a comment on a video I have on YouTube of my friend Steve. This comment talked about how sad it was that Steve had died. I know this individual was referring to another Steve and I told her that. But at the same time, I couldn’t stop laughing. Steve is not dead. I’ve seen him since the date she listed as his death date. But it all seemed rather Mark Twain-esque for me.

3) Thursday morning, I noticed that I was running low on coffee but I thought I had enough grounds left in the bag to make my morning cup yesterday. Wrong. Very very very wrong. Yesterday, I attempted to make a cup of coffee with what I had left in the bag and it was very weak. So, I “had” to shell out $2.11 for  a large cup of coffee at the Einstein Bros. on campus before I went to American Lit.

4) And speaking of American Lit…we had a sub yesterday. Said sub is one of the English department grad students; we’ve had him before. He does not talk. I know; I’ve tried to get him to talk. If  you know me, you know that I’m introverted at first, but I’ll talk to anything-including walls, cats, and plants-if it means that I can talk. He gives me one word answers to questions like “Are you our babysitter today?”

After class, one of the other girls in the class and I were talking about how he never talks; he just popped in a video called “Making Sense of the Sixties” and then used the computer for the next 50 minutes. We thought cancelling class would have served us better. M remarked that “Well, at least he’s nice to look at.”

I said, “Yeah, but he’s married. I saw his ring the last time he baby-sat us.”

She said something about how this kind of ruined it.

I said, “Here’s the thing I don’t get. He never talks. But he’s married. How did he get married if he never talks?”

She said, “Maybe his wife is deaf and so she doesn’t care.”

5) After that conversation, I went into the women’s bathroom on the first floor of the student center. When I was throwing away my paper towel after washing my hands, I saw a bra in the trash. When I texted Katie to tell her, she replied, “Someone got a little excited after her women’s studies class.”


6) I get to retake the OPI soon!

7) Easter is 29 days away. Tomorrow is the Second Annual Pride and Prejudice Appreciation Day. The semester ends (officially) in 34 days. Life is good.


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