Gratuitous Sock Pictures

I’m celebrating the Second Annual Pride and Prejudice Appreciation Day by watching the Colin Firth-Jennifer Ehle 1995 BBC adaptation while knitting socks. I had a mug of tea while watching episode four. But now, the tea is gone. The socks, however, are still here. I’ve been working on this pair of socks since January 1. Back then, I had dreams of knitting six pairs of socks this year. I have foiled my own goals however. I have been too busy working on other things and have avoided my socks. However, if you look at these socks, you’ll notice that the pair is close to being done. In fact, I have hopes of finishing them by the end of this month-that is, by the end of the day on Thursday.

A sock and a half…with Baltimore (which I did read all in one day) in the background

The socks are hiding Colin Firth from you. Silly socks…

Sometimes, I get really artsy-fartsy when I’m taking pictures of my knitting. Today was one of those days.

So enjoy this most Austentatious of days.


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