Random Friday

  1. It’s Friday. I’ve reached the end of a long and difficult week. And I have survived.
  2. I took the OPI yesterday. I don’t know how well the graders think I did and I won’t know that for a few days yet, but I took it. And I think I did well. I had a host of friends and Saints praying for me, and I think that really counts for something.
  3. I spent a greater part of my week preparing for the OPI-listening to Spanish music, reading books in Spanish, watching movies in Spanish, and talking to friends in Spanish. And at some point in the week, I realized that I was thinking more in Spanish than in English.
  4. This week, I was reminded of the wonderful support network I have around me. I have family and friends who readily and eagerly respond to prayer requests. These people then ask for updates on things afterwards. One of them called me yesterday morning to give me a pep talk. Another made me dinner last night and watched fluffy movies to help me recover my sanity.
  5. I have the weekend to recover my sanity so I can make it through the rest of the semester. I do have homework to do…but that can wait until tomorrow when I’m a little more myself.
  6. Watch this video. If you know me, you know that I love Harry Potter and I really love that video. It’s fan-made with clips from all seven movies (plus a brief bit from the trailer for the eighth and final movie),  and it really reminds me that the reason that Harry succeeds in his “mission” is because he has a powerful support network that cares about him.



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