Elinor Dashwood…finished object

So, about three months ago, I started working on a red sweater that was going to be sleeveless and the adult version of Anne-Cordelia. It would be tunic-length and it would use up some of the nine skeins of red wool that I had sitting around my apartment.

I finished it on Friday night, blocked it yesterday, and got some great pictures of it today.

Now, you’re probably thinking one of two things. Firstly, you might be thinking “Wow, she’s adorable.”

I know. You should have seen me on Friday night with pigtails.

Secondly, you might be thinking “Umm, that’s a dress, not a tunic.”

I know. Somehow, every time I measured it, I kept getting 25 inches in length. It’s not 25 inches. It’s about 35 inches from shoulder to hem.

But seriously…it is sooooo cute. Now I need an excuse to wear it.

Also, I named it Elinor Dashwood and I have my notes up here as a free pattern over on the knitting patterns page. I decided that this was something that a modern Elinor Dashwood would wear. I was originally thinking Emma Woodhosue but the more work I did, the more I saw that this was Elinor, not Emma.

Also, I just figured out how to use the self-timer on my camera…approximately 3.5 years after my parents gave me that camera. I am a genius; alert the media.


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