Random Monday

  1. Yesterday was Easter. So, Happy Easter! Christ is Risen!
  2. Because of Easter, I’ve been at the familial homestead for the past four days. I love being here. My parents are great. And I love their house. And their cat…who is utterly adorable and ridiculous.
  3. I’ve gotten to spend time with some of my extended family and with some of my non-biological family this weekend. On Friday and Saturday, I spent a few hours each day with some wonderful family friends-including an absolutely darling five-month old baby. It was a great relaxer before finals week.
  4. Which is what I’m returning to in an hour or so…whenever I decided to pack my car and leave. I have an exam tomorrow and another on Wednesday. Plus, I have to turn in my last two papers of the semester. Both are written; they just need to be turned in.
  5. And I have to finish packing my apartment so I can move out on Saturday after my darling brother’s graduation. I’ve gotten a lot of packing done already-and moved the stuff back to the familial homestead. But there’s still more to do.
  6. My mom bought me The King’s Speech as an Easter gift because “I know you like Colin Firth, you wanted to see it, and I liked it.” I have an awesome mama. Katie asked me to bring it with me to the burgh.
  7. Grandma just gave me chocolate.
  8. I’m considering running for Empress of the Universe on the “Economical Use of Punctuation, Especially Exclamation Marks/Points” Platform. I’m sick of the overuse of exclamation points. It makes me want to slap people.
  9. And now I’m going to watch an episode of Psych, eat some lunch, and hit the road for my last six days (five nights!) in my apartment. Then, I’m going to hang out with Jenn, study, and watch some Marple.

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