Something Exciting

Something exciting happened yesterday.

And it wasn’t this…although this is exciting.

Although having a sweater almost completed (and it will be completed in the next hour or so) is pretty dang exciting.

It’s also not the fact that I finished my last exams yesterday-although that is also exciting.

Nope…it’s this:

Last night, my older brother graduated from college after seven years. The above (slightly distant) photo is from the College of Education Convocation. While he likes to quote Tommy Boy and say “Lots of people spend seven years in college….yeah, they’re called doctors.”

But to be serious, there is a good reason why it has taken him seven years (and two universities) to graduate. And it is a story of openness to God and faithfulness to his people. But it is his story to tell, not mine. All I can say is that I am incredibly proud of him.

And I’m looking forward to sharing this celebration with our parents on Saturday at general graduation.

But for now, I’m incredibly proud of him.


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