I moved out of the stinky, smelly apartment yesterday and back into the nice, comfy familial homestead. This was after eating two meals in restaurants with my family and watching my brother graduate at General Commencement.

So he’s officially a college grad.

And I’m officially living with the ‘rents for the long haul…probably about a year.

I’ve only been home for about 22 hours, but I’ve already got clean clothes and sheets (that don’t smell like smoke from the downstairs neighbors’ cigarettes). I’m excited. Beyond that, I don’t know much about my plans for my residence here.

The madre and I want to buy some big plastic tubs to keep my stuff (non-clothes) in while I live here since I don’t need my dishes/pots/spices etc. She also suggested that I keep my coffeemaker in one.Good idea but…I think it’s going to move into my bedroom instead. We can’t find room for it on the counter.

My TV is definitely moving into my bedroom. My old (wooden, beautiful, acquired from Grandma when she was moving) bedside table has been demoted and replaced with my plastic chest of drawers that I had in my apartment. I love it.

I need to hang up pictures on my walls. I need to sort things. So much to do…

But that’s why I have no big plans in the next two weeks…no big plans until I leave for Pittsburgh in 14 days.

So excited.

Plus, it’s summer. So I can read. For fun. Who’d a thunk it was possible?


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