An Open Letter

Dear Knitting Projects currently on needle,

It’s nothing personal. Really, I promise. But while I like knitting socks (although Felici Charades, I’d really rather if you were on a circular needle and not on DPNs but that’s another story), I want something new and exciting in my life. I want to work with the big needles. You know…the ones where you knit for an hour or two and see the results of what you’re doing.

I need some instant gratification knitting, some knitting that does not require intense concentration. Socks ain’t cutting it here. And the lacework scarf is beyond gorgeous but it’s tedious…and will not be spending an hour tomorrow night with me on pins and needles while I watch the Bones season finale.

And the socks, you’re not invited either. Sorry…I love you but you’re tedious. I’m not in the mood for tedious.

Today, I got some yarn in the mail. From WEBS. It’s pretty yarn. Nice yarn. Soft yarn. Fancy yarn. And it’s to make a really pretty sweater. So…tomorrow, I’m going to cast on another project and work on it while I watch Bones.

Don’t worry, I’ll come back to the socks. And the scarf. But I also need this instant gratification knitting right now. I need to see results. So the sweater gets cast on. And the socks and scarf…we’ll be friends again soon.

Say, Saturday for brunch? Does that sound as lovely to you as it does to me?

So don’t think I don’t love you. I just need some instant gratification in my life.


The Knitter

P.S. Essie sweater, you’re going into hibernation. I don’t need you right now. See you in August. Or something.


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