A Tale of Two Socks

At the beginning of this month, I started knitting two pairs of socks. One for me, and the other for Katie. And to be honest, one pattern has always been easier than the other.

Then, I got frustrated with size 1 needles and started working on another project to give me a break from the tedium of the socks.

But I’m back on the straight and narrow. Sort of. See, one pattern is easier. It’s more fun. Can you guess which one?

The Charades (on the right) are beating the Twisted socks (on the left) by a mile. They’re easier, I’m in love with the Knit Picks Felici, and I have smaller feet than Katie.

I know I need to get the other ones done. And I’m trying. But they’re not as much fun. I mean I’m not delivering them until July 1, that’s a long way away, and I’ve got time, right?

Or I just like my socks more.

But I’m not a selfish knitter. I swear.


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