Monday-ne Confessions

1. I’m bad at making my bed. I’m not sure I can explain this more clearly, but I’m just not good at making my bed. My sheets come loose. I can’t remember which side of the flat sheet is supposed to be up. And I don’t neaten up my bed every day. I only do that on Mondays when I change my sheets.

2. I’m working again. I rebind textbooks and I love it. But I’m so tired. So. Tired.

3. I’m also sunburned. That does not help. It only makes a tired girl cranky.

4. I finally finished one of Bigfoot’s socks. Mom asked if this meant that she had to listen to me complain my way through another sock. I said yes. I complain too much.

5. I’m thinking a lot about teaching this fall. I won’t let my students use “a lot”  in their writing but I do it in my blogging. Maybe I’m a little hypocritical.

6. I love the fact that Starbucks is named after a character in Moby Dick. It makes me respect them a little more.

7. I love thinking about finding ways to make books more accessible to kids. Plus, it gives me an excuse to spend my summer watching movies like Equilibrium and Gattaca. (NB: If you haven’t seen either of those movies, watch them. They’re delightful dystopias that make me so proud of all that the dystopian genre has accomplished since Brave New World. BNW was only the beginning of an exciting, intriguing, and disturbingly prophetic genre. I think Huxley would be proud.)

8. I’m trying to force myself to finish as many of my knitting projects as I can in the next ten days. We’ll see.

9. Pandora is currently playing “The Breaking of the Fellowship” from The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack. It is my all-time favorite piece of classical music and it utterly breaks my heart and fills my heart with hope and joy-all at the same time. The instruments are perfect. The boy who sings the song at the end had such a lovely voice. And somewhere in it all is the idea that love is as strong as the grave. These people will sacrifice anything for their friends. As Aragorn says, “If by my life or death I can protect you, I will.”

That’s friendship. It’s heart-breakingly beautiful, and that’s what makes this stuff real art, in my book at least.



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