Random Friday

  1. A commercial for the Home Depot just explained my love of knitting/crafting-the thrill of creating something and being able to say “Yeah, I made that.”
  2. July ends in two days. Somehow, to my mind, summer has suddenly started to come to a screeching halt. It’s almost over. I still have to write lesson plans.
  3. I know that I have more than a month until I actually start teaching. But still…dude, I’ve got lesson plans to write.
  4. And the Jennigans and I still need to go out for tea…a plan leftover from LAST summer.
  5. Neither the Momsy or I have received our Joann’s flyer for next week…and I want to know when Simplicity patterns will be on sale next because I want to make a dress before the end of summer.
  6. Last winter, I lost two sewing patterns in my bedroom. I’ve searched it and can’t find them. And one of them is not for sale anymore. It’s at times like these that I wish I was Harry Potter…

How can you knit in this heat?

The title of this post is a conglomeration of a few questions I’ve been asked in the past few weeks. Michigan, like much of the country, has been “enjoying” a heat wave.

(In case you’re wondering, I work in a warehouse that is very close to the Willow Run Airport, which had the privilege of recording the highest temperature in the state on Thursday. We’re so proud.)

But regardless of the thermometer-busting temps, I’ve been knitting. And I’ve even been working on (gasp) a wool sweater. Apparently, this is astounding. I’ve heard a lot of “You’re knitting? But it’s so hot!” with a side order of “How can you knit in this heat? You must be dying.” Nah, but I’m sure someone else is dyeing in this heat.

And then there’s my personal favorite: “You’re knitting a sweater? In this heat? How can you do that?”

Well, you see, I pick up some lovely yarn and these-here pointy sticks and I cast on. Then I knit. And then I purl. It’s ALMOST like magic.

(Don’t worry; I’m not usually this snarky in real life.)

What I really say is this: People think you can only knit when the weather accommodates wearing the products of said knitting. This is false. If I only knit the thick, heavy sweaters I love during sweater season, I’d never get to wear them as often as I’d like.

I knit my Sedum sweater during the summer so I can wear it all fall and winter. I’m starting my Brennan during a July heatwave so I can enjoy it during the inevitable chill of November.

I’ve also been working on a scarf, which invites more season-related questions. Apparently, non-knitters think that scarves should only be knit in the winter.

However, this project is a gift for someone who has a summer birthday, but when I started to think about what to make her for her birthday, I realized that this beloved friend is about to experience her first Michigan winter. She needs some new winter apparel to protect her. And I wanted to make this classy, funky, spunky Bronte-loving beauty something that really screamed her name.

And the more I work on this project, the more I know that this is her. It calls her name, but I’m hoping she doesn’t hear its calls until I give it to her in late August.

Also, after I give the scarf to her, I’m planning on releasing the pattern for general consumption/enjoyment. And I have a feeling that she’s not the only person who will enjoy it either.

But regardless of that, I knit in the summer so the results can be enjoyed in the winter.

Plus, I have to keep my fidgety hands busy somehow…

Off my Needles…

In the past twenty-four hours, I’ve finished two projects.

First, last night, I finished my Sedum.

I don’t have pictures of it on me because it’s over 90 degrees here in Michigan. But when it cools down…or I have a chance to get to an air-conditioned location with a friend and a camera, then I’ll get some shots.

And then I finished my Charade socks.

These aren’t on my feet because it’s too hot to put them on. But again, if it ever cools down, I’ll snap some shots.

And now, I need to work on my Brennan cardigan, my lone project still on needle-beside the lace scarf that needs to wait until I’m watching a long miniseries or something similar so I can devote lots of attention to it. I’m also planning on casting on a short-sleeved sweater tonight.

And I have some designs floating around my head that I’m planning on casting on in the next couple of weeks.


Notes from Under the Weather

Earlier today, it was raining outside. And I’m on my fourth day of being a viral incubus of plague…or battling my way through what appears to be a sinus infection/head cold. So I am decidedly under the weather.

Here are my meditations from my fine and pleasant misery.

  1. I finally finished Katie’s birthday socks. They’re blocking. Then, I’ll take pictures and all of that jazz-and give them to her.
  2. I hate being sick. I’m not good at it. This morning, I got up and tried to go to work, but Momsy and I quickly realized that I couldn’t. To be honest, she realized it before I did and then had to convince me that I wasn’t going to work. So I called in dead…and then went to sleep for almost two hours. Since then, I’ve been watching movies (2009 BBC Emma and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1) while knitting and napping on-and-off.
  3. I’m finally starting a dream project. One of my favorite TV shows is Bones and I found a pattern for a sweater that Bones wore in the first season’s finale. I’ve been thinking about making this sweater for a few years and I finally got up the chutzpah to start it. Saturday, I bought some lilac colored wool from a Michigan yarn company and I’m casting on right now-when not typing. (NB: Stonehedge makes a great yarn. I’ve used their worsted weight before and I love it. I’m glad to be using it again.)
  4. One day last week, I was thinking about how much I would like a vacation. I’ve now taken two days off from work because of being sick. I’ve gotten to rest, watch movies, and knit, but I’d really rather not have had to deal with being sick.
  5. On Saturday, I tried both of the teas that Momsy gave me for my birthday. They’re both delicious. I’m a pretty big fan of the chocolate chai, which isn’t really a surprise considering that it’s made of two things I love-chocolate and chai.
  6. There’s probably more I could say, but I’m getting tired again.

Dear Self

Dear Self,
Admittedly, we are bad at being sick. We never have been good at it, but you’ve only gotten worse with age. However, we sound like a thirteen-year-old boy at the moment and we have a headache. Therefore, we must sit in bed and knit for the rest of the day while we watch Lark Rise to Candleford. Do you understand? No more coffee runs. No more yarn shopping-although the yarn we bought today is awesomely gorgeous and we can’t wait to start knitting with it-after we finish the dang-blasted sock. Sit on your arse in your bed and knit. Drink a mug of tea if so inspired. But finish your frappuciano first.
But no more leaving the house. Finish Lady Sasquatch’s socks so you don’t have to worry about them anymore.
And rest for cripes’ sake. You are sick, woman. Act like it.
The 1% of you that is actually rational


Random Friday

  1. I’m home from work with what may or may not be a case of strep throat. What is clear is that it’s a case of “my throat hurts, I’m woozy, and I’m tired”-itis. This syndrome leads to Cecilia being an unproductive member of society and so sitting around with books, glue, and stickers-and coworkers who dearly love a deep philosophical conversation-is not conducive to a happy, healthy Cecilia. So I went home. And my strep swab went to the hospital labs to see if it “becomes positive” in the next few days.
  2. In the meantime, I’m eating ramen noodles for the first time since 2006 and working on the second of Katie’s birthday socks. I turned the heel yesterday, so now all I have to do is knit the 10.25 inch long foot. Somehow, however, I always find the foot infinitely less daunting than the leg/cuff. I think it’s because I don’t have to worry about turning anymore heels. The end is in sight…even if it is 10.25 inches away.
  3. As odd as it sounds, I’m going to be doing a lot of sweater knitting this summer. I’m about half done with my Sedum sweater. I’m beyond impressed with the pattern and I’m sooo looking forward to having the finished product to wear during the fall/winter. I’m also planning on starting a Brennan cardigan in the next few days. Tomorrow I need to go buy yarn and needles and then…it’s on. And then, when Sedum is done, Jacqueline is up. Momsy once asked me when I would have enough sweaters and I told her never.
  4. I also owe some people some birthday scarves. Luckily, their birthdays aren’t until September.
  5. Last week, my darling momsy bought me chocolate chai and hazelnut black tea as part of my birthday present. I think she knows me.
  6. Now I’m going to watch mindless movies on Netflix and try to avoid being sick.