Notes from Under the Weather

Earlier today, it was raining outside. And I’m on my fourth day of being a viral incubus of plague…or battling my way through what appears to be a sinus infection/head cold. So I am decidedly under the weather.

Here are my meditations from my fine and pleasant misery.

  1. I finally finished Katie’s birthday socks. They’re blocking. Then, I’ll take pictures and all of that jazz-and give them to her.
  2. I hate being sick. I’m not good at it. This morning, I got up and tried to go to work, but Momsy and I quickly realized that I couldn’t. To be honest, she realized it before I did and then had to convince me that I wasn’t going to work. So I called in dead…and then went to sleep for almost two hours. Since then, I’ve been watching movies (2009 BBC Emma and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt. 1) while knitting and napping on-and-off.
  3. I’m finally starting a dream project. One of my favorite TV shows is Bones and I found a pattern for a sweater that Bones wore in the first season’s finale. I’ve been thinking about making this sweater for a few years and I finally got up the chutzpah to start it. Saturday, I bought some lilac colored wool from a Michigan yarn company and I’m casting on right now-when not typing. (NB: Stonehedge makes a great yarn. I’ve used their worsted weight before and I love it. I’m glad to be using it again.)
  4. One day last week, I was thinking about how much I would like a vacation. I’ve now taken two days off from work because of being sick. I’ve gotten to rest, watch movies, and knit, but I’d really rather not have had to deal with being sick.
  5. On Saturday, I tried both of the teas that Momsy gave me for my birthday. They’re both delicious. I’m a pretty big fan of the chocolate chai, which isn’t really a surprise considering that it’s made of two things I love-chocolate and chai.
  6. There’s probably more I could say, but I’m getting tired again.

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