Off my Needles…

In the past twenty-four hours, I’ve finished two projects.

First, last night, I finished my Sedum.

I don’t have pictures of it on me because it’s over 90 degrees here in Michigan. But when it cools down…or I have a chance to get to an air-conditioned location with a friend and a camera, then I’ll get some shots.

And then I finished my Charade socks.

These aren’t on my feet because it’s too hot to put them on. But again, if it ever cools down, I’ll snap some shots.

And now, I need to work on my Brennan cardigan, my lone project still on needle-beside the lace scarf that needs to wait until I’m watching a long miniseries or something similar so I can devote lots of attention to it. I’m also planning on casting on a short-sleeved sweater tonight.

And I have some designs floating around my head that I’m planning on casting on in the next couple of weeks.



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