Random Friday

  1. A commercial for the Home Depot just explained my love of knitting/crafting-the thrill of creating something and being able to say “Yeah, I made that.”
  2. July ends in two days. Somehow, to my mind, summer has suddenly started to come to a screeching halt. It’s almost over. I still have to write lesson plans.
  3. I know that I have more than a month until I actually start teaching. But still…dude, I’ve got lesson plans to write.
  4. And the Jennigans and I still need to go out for tea…a plan leftover from LAST summer.
  5. Neither the Momsy or I have received our Joann’s flyer for next week…and I want to know when Simplicity patterns will be on sale next because I want to make a dress before the end of summer.
  6. Last winter, I lost two sewing patterns in my bedroom. I’ve searched it and can’t find them. And one of them is not for sale anymore. It’s at times like these that I wish I was Harry Potter…

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