A Most August First

I’m knitting while watching Star Trek. This isn’t actually the first time I’ve done this, but I wanted to use that title too badly to not use it. (Did that make sense?)

Mostly, I just want to flash some knitting photos. I want other people’s approval of things that I think are are pretty dang awesome. Admittedly, I got some while sitting in a coffeeshop with some coworkers and knitting a scarf that I haven’t photographed yet. Another customer came up to me to look at my knitting. She thought it was pretty impressive and mentioned wanting to learn to knit. I really should have referred her to the lovely ladies at Knit a Round because I know that they would gladly teach her, but  I unfortunately did not get the chance.

Regardless…check out the pretty.

The Brennan Cardigan

The Brennan Cardigan....a serious work in progress

Ruched Yoke Tee with Momsy's Russian Sage

And then I kind of went crazy taking pictures of the blanket I’m making right now with the yarn for said project. Just remember…I like yarn. I already know that this makes me weird.

Blanket with yarn and tomatoes

Wound and unwound yarn, both for the blanket

Meeting of the minds

And then I tried to come inside, but found this charming friend waiting for me at the door…

The Reens

Rina-bambina with my feet, which she loves more than she ought

Now it’s back to Star Trek and the ruched yoke. In the mean time, ponder this one…is it acceptable to (if your last name is Kirk) name your son James Tiberius Kirk? Or is that just taking dorkdom too far?

Over and out.


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