Bexleigh-Pattern Release

A few weeks ago, I started working on a birthday present for Becky. Since she is leaving Pittsburgh for Michigan, I decided that she needed a buttoned-cowl to keep her warm and cozy.

So one day, I was thinking about knitting and Becky and this scarf/cowl/thing I was going to make. And purple and seed stitch came into my head. I started knitting a basic seed-stitch cowl. It was going great until I realized that this scarf was a lot of things, but Becky it ain’t.

Then, I was lying in bed, trying to sleep, when ribbing popped into my head. And I knew that this scarf/cowl needed to have ribbing.

The next day, I unraveled the first scarf and started knitting again.

And then, Bexleigh was born.

Now, I’ve never (in real life or in my head) called Becky “Bexleigh” or any other spelling that could possible be pronounced like that.

Nevertheless, that name stuck with me. The more time I spent on Bexleigh, the more I knew that this project was called Bexleigh and it had no other name.

I finished it on Saturday, took it with me to see Katie on Sunday, and received her approval of it. Then, I photographed it today. (I’m my own model; Becky won’t receive this for another two weeks.)

And now, I’m releasing the pattern here and on Ravelry. So cast it on and let me know how it goes.


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