Yet Another Random Friday

  1. Firstly, I must tell you that I am no longer blogging from my Acer netbook, Lothluthien. Instead, you’re reading my first post from my brand new (to me) MacBook, Penelope. She shall be called Nell.
  2. My new iPod is named Henrietta and shall be called Henrietta or Etta.
  3. Penelope/Nell and Henrietta/Etta are much cooler names than Lothluthien. Naturally I’m only saying this because Lothluthien and I didn’t get along so well in the last days of our relationship. And by days, I mean months.
  4. This week was long. But I’ve realized a major lesson. I may not love my job, but that doesn’t mean that I have to act like I don’t want to be there. Instead, I’ve taken to being crazy and hyper and silly. It amuses other people and keeps me from losing my mind. I’m not sure how feigning insanity preserves my sanity but it does.
  5. Stratford was amazing. I had a great time with Momsy and Auntly. Camelot was good. Twelfth Night was fantastic. Check this out. It is absolutely amazing. And it was great to spend time in Stratford, exploring the town. It is a dear place to my soul and I love it muchly.
  6. Tomorrow I have no big plans for my day…which somehow means that I actually have great plans. It’s gonna be all about crafting. Obviously (because I’m me) I have some major knitting to get done. But I also need to hit up Joann’s to buy some patterns and fabric-and other odds and ends. I’ve got sewing projects on the brain…and a pretty serious case of craft-o-mania. It’s great. I need to make some pretty, stylish, professional-but-artsy teacher dresses. And I have a whole Saturday with nothing to do but craft.
  7. And make a trifle and crumpets. Right…I do have to get ready for Sunday’s annual tea party. So tomorrow, I shall practice my tea drinking, buy a summer hat (hopefully on clearance, please Target?), and prepare tea party appropriate goodies.
  8. Also, I need to watch Equilibrium and Gattaca to get ready for teaching. I want that to happen tomorrow, but I’m not really sure how/when that will happen.
  9. And finally…watching an entire season of a TV show in a week can get confusing. The Halloween episode and the Christmas episode just all run together in my head.
  10. And that’s all from Nell for now.

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