Day One

Today was my first of student teaching. I’ll be spending the next three months at LCHS, a school of 1800+ students in suburban America. I’ll be working with Mr. O and teaching two junior literature courses-three sections of one and two of the other.

I didn’t teach today. I set up seating charts and finalized the attendance records in the computer. I watched Mr. O go over the rules of the classroom. I ate lunch with the other English teachers. I talked to Mr. O about what I’ll be doing in the future.

In short, I didn’t do much. But regardless, I’m exhausted. I know that some of this is emotional, and some of it is my body’s struggle to adapt to an entirely new sleep schedule. But it’s still rough. It’s still hard to look at the clock and see that it’s only four-thirty, but I’m still dead tired as if it were more like nine-thirty.

I know that this is a transition for me. And I know that in time I’ll grow more accustomed to my schedule. In time, I’ll learn all of my students’ names. In time, this will all be easier.

But right now, it’s rough. And all I’m running on is sugar, caffeine, and grace.


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