Gimme Five Friday

  1. This past Monday I had the incredibly humbling experience of guiding an extraordinary young man who happens to be blind from the school gym back to our classroom. Superficially, all I had to do was walk with him and tell him when to turn. But internally, it was a lesson for me in how easy my life is. I can see where I’m going. This young man can’t. He relies on his cane, his memory, and other people to steer him in the right direction. I’m in awe of him.
  2. Tuesday, I went to a nearby yarn shop to have some previously purchased yarn wound into balls. I ended up buying a skein of lace yarn that I’m planning on using for Momsy’s Christmas present, which is a new design I’m creating, and then I found six skeins of pink wool in the clearance bin for $2.50 each. Umm, I bought them to make Jenny Pink a sweater; it seemed only natural.                             
  3. I was lead teacher all week. Now, I have grading to do. It was difficult but so good for me. I love being a teacher.
  4. I finished the back of the Brennan cardigan a few days ago and now I’m working on a sleeve. The back was a doozy and I need a break before I dive in to doing a front. But after this sleeve, I’ll make the right front, then another sleeve, and then the left front. And then I’ll put it all together.
  5. I have grading to do and knitting to do this weekend…and a family wedding to attend. Here’s to the good life!

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