Tomorrow, this amazing woman, Josephine, will be eighty-eight years old.

She was born in Detroit in 1923, the third of six children. She lived through the Great Depression, found a job in Detroit, and worked there until she got married. In 1949, she married an amazing man named Richard. They have four wonderful children and five pretty great grandchildren together.

She has lived an amazing life. She took care of her mother and her mother-in-law when they were elderly. She tells stories about, as a young woman, going downtown to Hudson’s to buy her silverware piece by piece, a new piece every week. After her husband (and my grandpa) retired from Ford, they traveled-went on cruises, visited relatives in Italy, went to Greece, etc. Every February, they went to Florida together-and one year, I visited them down there for a few days.

And then, when her husband’s health began to decline, she took care of him. It hasn’t been easy for her, but she has stayed there with him through thick and thin. She still is right next to him, holding steady as they go through his last days on earth.

Last night, she told me, “Marry someone who makes you happy. Look at me. I’ve been married for sixty-two and a half years. And well, it’s been mostly good.”

I hope I can say that when I’ve been married for 62 years. And I hope that I can also say, “I’ve got all my children here with me. I don’t need to worry.”

She is a renowned worrywart, but every now and then, we have those kind of moments. And through thick and thin, I love her. I’m so grateful to her for all the love she has given me and all the lessons she has taught me.

So Happy Birthday to the dearest grandma ever…and may God keep you safe, healthy, and happy for many more years to come.


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