Quick Craft Recommendation

Disney, of Ruffles and Stuff, has been posting simple/quick project ideas on her blog all week. The first one she posted was on repurposing necklaces. As she explains, and you’ve probably noticed, long necklaces have been trendy for the past several years. And I own several that I’ve bought to wear with specific outfits or for specific occasions and then never worn them again.

I never wear these necklaces because they drive me nuts. I have to play with them when I’m wearing them, and that’s simply NOT practical for a teacher. So when I saw her tutorial on how to take some ribbon and make shorter (and more practical) necklaces, I knew that I had to use it ASAP.

So this afternoon, I grabbed some black ribbon and two necklaces that desperately (in my opinion) needed to be shortened.

I’m planning on wearing one of them tomorrow with the dress that I finally finished earlier this week. And then I’ll have sewing and jewelry projects to boast over for you. But for now, these are my shorter and cooler necklaces.

So hop over to Disney’s blog and try some of her projects/tutorials (of which she has many) for yourself!


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