Frantic Friday

Here’s my week in review, but be warned; my writing is somewhat scatterbrained at the moment.

  1. I had a migraine most of the week, which kind of set the tone for my week.
  2. My CT had to take two personal days this week (yesterday and today) which left me in charge of the classroom with a substitute to babysit me. This led to many adventures.
  3. These adventures were all learning experiences, and I’m glad I’ve had the experiences.
  4. The head of the English department (Mrs. T) observed my third hour class, and she’s given me some really great advice.
  5. Yesterday, she suggested that I read the novel to the kids occasionally. So I tried it, and some of my classes loved it. Others hated it. But for the class that hated the very idea, it was a motivator to get them to read on their own. It’s interesting how what works for one class doesn’t always work for others.
  6. One of Mrs. T’s other suggestions was to let my kids take notes on the board while I lecture/lead discussions. I tried it during third and fifth hours today. Let me tell you; it works brilliantly. Kids who never participate suddenly throw their hands up in the air when you say “Who wants to write on the board for me?” It was such a gratifying experience for me in that I could see their involvement-and our discussions had more flow to them. Amazing.
  7. Yesterday, I turned my alarm off in my sleep and overslept by an hour. Somehow (by the grace of God and with the help of Momsy) I made it to school on time and made it through the day.
  8. A near-fight broke out between two girls in one of my classes yesterday. I took one look at the situation, realized that I couldn’t handle it, and booked it to grab Mr. H who teaches across the hall. He handled the situation while I watched-so I could learn from him. And then after school, we sat down and he “unpacked” the situation for me so I would know what to do if I ever came across such a situation again.
  9. And now it’s Friday, so I have a weekend to get caught up on grading and knitting.
  10. Le sigh.

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