Random Monday

  1. I just got home from Grand Rapids. It was a long trip, but I got to see Katie, Jenn, and other Katie. Therefore, it was a success.
  2. I’m also now almost halfway done with the blanket that I started in July that needs to be done in 14 days. I am not allowed to knit anything else until that project is done. I hope I can behave myself.
  3. I think I’m getting sick. I’ve actually suspected this for about a week, but I’m becoming more concerned about this potential. However, I’m blogging about it in the hopes that because no one ever reads my blog, this potential cold/illness will become a nonevent-kind of like I sometimes feel my blog is.
  4. I need to be writing lesson plans. I’m not however.
  5. I think I’ll go take my contacts out and do my lesson planning. And then I’ll go to bed. I’m so exciting; it’s no wonder no one ever reads my blog.

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