A Project Update…and other Mondayne Affairs

So, about three months ago, I bopped into Knit a Round (while sick, actually) and bought eight skeins of gorgeous purple yarn that I intended to use to make a Brennan cardigan. We’ve been over this before. I had these grand ambitions of knitting the whole thing in about three and a half months. It was going to be great. It would be done by November 3 when the new season of Bones premieres. I would wear it all day on November 3 and then wear it at home while watching the long expected new episode of Bones.

Well, there’s a lot of ways I could explain what’s happened in the past three months to you, but the easiest way would be to just copy and paste my project notes from Ravelry for your viewing pleasure.

“I’m so excited about this sweater. I kind of want to steal Brennan’s fashion sense.

8/11: Back stockinette done, cable panels started
9/4: Back right cable panel done; back left started
9/11: Back is done; I just need to sew the cable panels in. Tomorrow, I’m starting the sleeves; I need to feel like I’m actually making progress on this project.
9/12: One sleeve started!
10/24: First sleeve done; I’m not a slow knitter, just an easily distracted knitter.
Also, I started the right front. Theoretically speaking, this will not take me a month and a half to knit. But please remember, folks, this is all purely theoretical at this point. We can talk about this again in early December.

Surprisingly, this whole pattern moves along quickly. I love it. And I adore the yarn. Seriously adore it…I can’t say enough good things about the Shepherd’s Wool.”

Okay, so I still want to steal Brennan’s fashion sense, the pattern does move along quickly, and I do adore the yarn.

However, I am not a monogamous knitter. I have knitting AD-oh look at the pretty Cascade 220. So, in the mean time, I’ve accomplished other things and made some lovely scarves and hats. And I’ve even cast on two new sweaters in the past four days.

But the Brennan cardigan has sat patiently by while I flirted with other (supposedly) more exciting projects.

But yesterday, I knit over half the sleeve. And then I finished it today. Now let’s talk about instant gratification knitting. I started that sleeve on September 12. It set 35% done in my project bag for about a month. Then, I picked it up yesterday and the other 65% just happened. Now, I need to make the right front, the left front, and the other sleeve Just Happen. And then I have to block the whole thing, sew it all together, and take care of the button-band and collar.

Now, to be perfectly honest, it will NOT be done by November 3. But I will be working on it while watching the long-expected new episode of Bones on November 3 (on FOX at 9pm, I believe) and that’s good enough for me now.

And in other news, I have six weeks of student teaching left. Six weeks, 26 days…totally doable.

Tomorrow, I’m mailing in my graduation application and turning in my student teaching unit plan. I’m terrified of failure and yet, the end is in sight.

May God get me to the end of the semester…and the sweater.


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