NaKniSweMo-Post 1

November is generally considered to be one of the most boring months of the year. And I’m not saying that in an “oh, it’s one of the twelve most boring months of the year” kind of way. It’s more in that “Well, October’s got Halloween going for it and December has Christmas AND half of New Year’s and January’s got the other half of New Year’s. And February’s got Valentine’s Day. And sometimes March brings spring, which is pretty awesome when THAT happens. And June, July, and August are summer so therefore they ooze awesome. But what the heck does November have going for it anyway” sort of way.

(When you think like that, you’re clearly forgetting about Thanksgiving, but that’s another story.)

Even Louisa May Alcott tried to perpetuate the myth of the boringness of November in the fifteenth chapter of Little Women.

“November is the most disagreeable month in the whole ear,’ said Margaret, standing at the window one dull afternoon, looking out at the frostbitten garden.
‘That’s the reason I was born in it,’ observed Jo pensively, quite unconscious of the blot on her nose.
‘If something very pleasant should happen now, we should think it a delightful month,’ said Beth, who took a hopeful view of everything, even November.”

But anyway, people like to do things to make November more interesting. You may have heard of No-Shave November. There’s also National Novel Writing Month wherein you’re supposed to write a novel (of 50,000 words, I believe) in November.

And then, there’s National Knit a Sweater Month. You’re supposed to knit a sweater (of at least 50,000 stitches) in the month of November. Well, I have two sweaters on needle at the moment and a third due to go on any day now. So, my goal is to finish those three sweaters in the next thirty days. I think I can do it (and a new Sedum) since I’m showing three of my classes The Dark Knight next week (yay for free knitting time!) and I should get some knitting done over Thanksgiving weekend. So here’s to making at least three sweaters this month.

Ready, go!


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