Five-Point Friday

So I have to sum up my week for you in five (relatively) quick points.

  1. I’m officially sick. In fact, I’m so sick that I actually didn’t even go into school today. Yesterday morning, Momsy and I bantered back and forth about whether or not I should go in. And basically what she told me was this: If you go in today (Thursday), then you have to stay home tomorrow. So Mr. O and I talked and we agreed that I was staying home today. I’m doing better, but the family went out to dinner tonight and I totally shot my voice back to crap. So now I get to spend another day trying to recuperate.
  2. We went out to dinner tonight as a last hurrah before the brother moves to Arizona. My brother got a job in Phoenix earlier this week and is moving on Monday. So while I’m thrilled for him, I’ll miss him since we won’t have him for Thanksgiving this year.
  3. And that’ll make what will already be a rough Thanksgiving rougher. It was already going to be the first Thanksgiving without my Grandpa (Momsy’s dad) but now it’ll also be a Thanksgiving without Greggles.
  4. NaKniSweMo Update: The Brennan cardigan is now 60% done. That means that I have one sleeve, the whole back, and one front done. And I’ve started the other front. I could have this thing done by Thanksgiving. Maybe.
  5. Next week, my Visionary Lit kids and I are watching The Dark Knight in class Wed-Fri. I am so excited for this. I can’t wait to see how they connect it to The Fountainhead and how this all works out for all of us.

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