FO Friday: Amethyst Scarf

So I was planning on posting this project as Work In Progress on Wednesday, but then I finished it, so I decided to save it as a post-Thanksgiving Finished Object.

A while back, I found and queued Jane Richmond’s Mustard Scarf as a project I definitely wanted to have for this coming winter. At the end of October, I ordered some worsted weight yarn from Knit Picks in a lovely purple that they call “Amethyst Heather.” Then, I bought some size 13 needles.

And then it all sat in my bedroom for about three weeks…until Sunday. Sunday, I cast on. And I was done by the end of the day on Wednesday. In other words, this is a quick knit. I could have it done much faster had I not had to teach all day on Monday and Tuesday.

The scarf as designed should measure 27 inches finished. However, I wanted something that I could wrap around my neck several times to keep my neck safe from the coming Michigan winter. So my final length is somewhere around 65 inches; I’m not entirely sure how long it is because the scarf grew when I blocked it. Regardless, the yarn is soft and warm. And I’m very excited to have this scarf this winter.

So here it is, a lovely amethyst scarf. This definitely a project that I’ll be coming back to.


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